NASA podcast: how satellites are used to track wildfires

From Mike Archer’s Wildfire News of the Day:

A NASA podcast takes a closer look at how satellites are used to track wildfires across the globe from outer space as the Earth warms, causing wildland blazes to become more frequent and intense.

Wildfires from Space

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  1. This part of the Q&A sounds like our other project discussions…

    Is the BLM proposing to “clearcut” and conduct “regeneration harvest” in LSR?
    BLM is not “clearcutting” or implementing regeneration harvests in Late Mungers. The BLM is proposing skips (untreated areas) and gap openings of variable sizes (all under 2 acres) in portions of the stands to:
    • Create growing space to regenerate fire-adapted species.
    • Increase heterogeneity/layering.
    • Disrupt fuel profiles and create variability in litter fall and surface fuel accumulations.
    • Decrease competition in insect and disease patches and low vigor forested areas.
    • Develop future cohort of trees.

    It seems to me that the acreage of openings is a key point. Is a 2 acre opening a clearcut? Or are we going to depend on wildfires to get successful regeneration of wildfire-adapted species?


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