Welcome to The Smokey Wire! Reminder of TSW Values

It appears that we have some new subscribers and it has been awhile since we restated our norms and values.  So Welcome!.. you’ll find we are a hospitable group.

  1. The three doors of charitable speech. When commenting, please consider the three doors that charitable speech must pass through.  It’s also in a widget in the right column of the website, in case you forget.  “The gatekeeper at the door asks, “Is it true?” The second gatekeeper asks, “Is it helpful?” The third gatekeeper asks, “Is it kind?” (adapted from the writings of Krishnamurti by James Martin on p. 169 of his book “Between Heaven and Mirth.) “Many of us spend time on other social media such as Twitter, and TSW is intentionally a different space.  We don’t always achieve that, we are human beings.  Sometimes people just need to vent, and we are fairly tolerant of that.  On the other hand, personal attacks are not OK. There are plenty of other internet spaces for that.
  2. The rule of “some”.  Again, TSW is about ideas and evidence, not tribalism.  So if you make a comment about any group, you might be challenged.  If you say “some” Republicans or “some” ENGO’s”  it is both likely to be more true and less likely to be challenged.  No one is perfect, and we are a forgiving lot, but like I said, you may be challenged.
  3. Anonymity is OK, welcome, in fact.  We have different Anonymous people on TSW who all have different perspectives and have different informational and philosophical gifts to share with us.  From Hillel to the Hill. I’m retired now, and the drama that led to my retirement was partially from my involvement here, so I will always be sympathetic to any of the Anonymous among us.
  4. If you have a claim, support it; if you’ve read a book or a paper, tell us the claim and something of the rationale in it and/or use a quote. If it’s a paper, do your best to find a non-paywalled copy for us to peruse. Don’t just tell us that there are good ideas in a 300 page book and we should read it.  Which reminds me.
  5. Consider contributing more.  We’re interested in book reviews, and contributions on other topics. Contact me in advance to see if its something that might fit.  And then there’s money.  We are obviously a shoestring organization- we need $1000 a year to keep going, and so far only have $220 for this year.  The recommended donation/subscription is $30 per year. We don’t take advertising and so are truly independent.

Hopefully, these are not too difficult or constraining for you.  We look forward to hearing your ideas, experiences, and information!  Thank you for your presence and again, welcome!

Do any community members have values they would like to add?

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