UC Davis Students research former sawmill redevelopment to support forest management

The Rural Voices for Conservation Coalition (RVCC) always has interesting stuff in their newsletter..  We like to highlight student work of interest, so please feel free to submit.

Here’s a link to this site that has a presentation on the project and the final report of the students.

“After a five-month project timeline, we produced a report that includes:

  • Methods and step-by-step guide to use GIS to focus on sites based on social justice and environmental conditions.
  • An evaluation matrix with environmental, policy, and social conditions that we used to evaluate and score the redevelopment potential for 9 former sawmill sites
  • A guide with practical questions and resources for residents and organizations in rural communities that want to pursue public funding to support site clean up.
  • A comprehensive evaluation of how public policies influence site redevelopment.

Find the final report below and reach out to us. We’d love to answer questions and talk about how we can move this work forward.”

Here’s a link to the project presentation and one to the final report.

Map of California showing 208 former sawmill sites (yellow)​​​​​ identified in a database from the U.S. Forest Service and University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources. Our team used the database as a starting point for evaluating former sawmill sites. Map by Thomas Miller.

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    • It wasn’t RVCC, it was students at UC Davis, RVCC just posted it in its newsletter.
      Also, how much did the condos sell for? They maybe cleaned up too nice for most of us…


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