Valentine’s Day Land Theft


In an administrative coup d’etat, the Department of Interior added the Arapaho National Forest to its vast federal estate. The Valentine’s Day massacre came to light in “The Sweetest Valentine’s Day Video You’ll Watch Today,” released today on YouTube. The touching video shows couples in love getting married on national parks and monuments administered by DOI. At the 1:14-minute mark of the 2-minute video, the Arapaho National Forest strikes its flag from USDA administration to join DOI’s ranks.

Phone calls to Arapaho National Forest offices went unanswered.

3 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Land Theft”

  1. Gee Andy, lighten up. It was a cute video.
    So they made a little factual error… DOI has always been a little acquisitive about primo NFS lands–that little rivalry has shaped much of public lands policy over the years.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to you!


  2. Awww….I loved this video, and so glad to see NPS covet FS lands. Heck, they just got Valles Caldera, according to the next article. This video got lots of hits on Facebook.

    We got married at that same spot in Grand Canyon, Shoshone Point, 28 years ago! Best deal around!

    A happy story, for a change!


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