Sign of the Times?

Funny seeing an “8 in 1 Survival Kit” advertisement on a ‘climate warrior’ gloom and doom website. The advertiser specializes in “Outdoor and Urban Survival”. A list of what is in there makes me laugh.

1) LED flashlight (No mention of batteries) In a climate emergency, batteries will always be available, eh?
2) Heavy Duty ink pen (In case you need to sign another useless petition?)
3) Flint Stick (For lighting abandoned campfires? 84% of wildfires in the US are human-caused)
4) Compass with ruler (Without a map, that severely limits how much a compass can help you. Magnetic declination? In Seattle, True North and Magnetic North are different by over 20 degrees)
5) High frequency whistle (When the shit hits the fan, just whistle!)
6) Tool Card (Yeah, fix your Prius with THAT!)
7) Steel Striker with ruler and bottle opener (Almost a dozen uses when Civil War starts!)

Enjoy Your Sunday and cherish what we continue to have!

4 thoughts on “Sign of the Times?”

  1. 3) Flint Stick (For lighting abandoned campfires? 84% of wildfires in the US are human-caused)

    I’d almost bet this was the same percentage long before the white Europeans arrived in North America. It’s common today for environmentalists to romanticize them as a type of sub-human animal as part of ancient ecosystems who had some sort of instinctive conservation stewardship encoded in their very DNA. But the fact were and still are, they are human beings equal to us with all the same imperfections, mistakes, biases, prejudices and capacity for doing good or bad towards other human beings just like all mankind living now.

  2. Very funny!! The bigger issue is, if it all comes crashing down, who the hell would want to survive? It’s more like the frog in the bring to a boil cold water, we’ll be cooked before we have time to do anything about it. It’s already happening.

  3. It’s great to see that natural selection will be one of the first things restored. Removing all warning labels would probably jump start natural selection and postpone catastrophe….. ok maybe I’m a bit cynical….

  4. Hey, pre-European, our native peoples were just trying to make a living as best they could. If that meant managing the landscape (e.g., burning to get lots of sunshine on the ground so they would have more roots, berries, and so forth as well as improving forage for the game they hunted), so be it. These were smart people; they knew what they were doing.

    As for the “8 in 1 Survival Kit” — gloom and doom is great for making a buck. [Gloom and doom works for politicians, scientists, and others, too.]


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