3 thoughts on “Mother Jones: Let’s Examine the Ties Between the Timber Industry and Extremists”

  1. “Another acknowledgement of how the group has become intertwined with other right-wing groups came a week after the riot, on January 13, when Timber Unity put out this statement to its members:

    There will likely come a time during these sessions when we will call people to the capitols to protest legislation in a safe, lawful manner. We realize people in TU belong to other groups whose purpose is different than ours. We hope people who choose to attend the events of other organizations are mindful of personal safety and the safety of others, follow the laws, and are respectful of law enforcement.”

    This statement came after video surfaced showing one of Timber Unity’s endorsed politicians, Oregon Rep. Michael Nearmen, opening a door on Dec. 21 that later allowed far right, pro-Trump supporters to rush into the state capitol. Nearman has so far rebuffed pressure to resign.”

    I don’t know what else they could do except encourage people to be law-abiding. And I don’t know how they could have known in advance that Nearman would open the door.

  2. Actually, there are things that groups can do besides saying “please behave yourselves!” Each group has a culture that includes norms for accepted behavior, what’s encouraged / discouraged, etc. IF GROUP “A” REALLY DOESN’T TOLERATE VIOLENCE THEN IT’S LESS LIKELY TO INCLUDE OR EMBRACE MEMBERS WHO ARE VIOLENT! Pretty simple! It’s a matter of setting standards for behavior and outing people who don’t follow them.
    I spent 6 years as a volunteer, citizen lobbyist @ capitol building in Salem, OR. and got to know many legislators quite well. We coordinated w/ legislators on events such as rallies on the capitol steps in support of more funding for schools.
    It would be quite simple for a member of a group to coordinate w/ a legislator, they have a good relationship with, on something like “meet me at the south door @ 11:25 am.”

    Having worked within the system for many years, following the rules, etc. I’m DISGUSTED by what has happened recently in Salem, OR. and Washington, D.C. on Jan. 6, 2021!

    The timber industry used to be appalled by the tactics of EarthFIrst; now they’ve spawned their own radical, terrorist groups!
    I’m not optimistic about finding common ground but I’ll keep trying!

  3. Oh we’ve already discussed this here. If there is something new to add I’m willing to hear the other side from Timber Unity folks. It should be noted that Pew and other progressives are now against cap and trade as well for environmental justice and other reasons.

    If there’s something new other than than endorsing a politician who later did something wrong, I’m willing to contact them to get their side.

    FWIW I was always against cap’n’trade as it seems rife for profiteering and “things on paper” whereas if you want to decarbonize you need solutions in the real world.


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