Where Forests Fit into Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) Methods: IPCC AR6

Where do forests fit in Carbon Dioxide Removal (CDR) methods? from Oliver Geden on Twitter here.

He also describes how the IPCC AR6 WGI relates to the WGIII report.  Understanding the IPCC thinking is probably above our pay grade, but this chart gives you some idea what the IPCC was thinking.  Extra points to anyone who can find the location in the IPCC reports of the mechanisms that lead to the effects summarized in the chart.

While the IPCC folks put afforestation, reforestation and forest management into the same category.. it seems like some would argue that forest management has a negative impact on water quality. But then there are fuel treatment/forest management options that help wildfires suppression that can have worse impacts.. maybe it doesn’t make sense to lump these activities together at a global scale?   And still, that’s their charge.  It does make you wonder whether choosing CDR methods on a regional basis (from the ground up- choosing methods with public acceptance) would lead to a different set of preferred methods.


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