Chief Rumors.. Cables for Chief?

Rick Cables

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Colorado native Rick Cables, a veteran Forest Service boss who led Colorado Parks and Wildlife before joining Vail Resorts as vice-president of natural resources and conservation, is on the shortlist to become the new chief of the U.S. Forest Service, according to news reports.

The energy and environmental network E&E News last week reported that Cables, a native of Pueblo who spent 35 years with the Forest Service, could be the Trump Administration’s choice for chief of the 34,000-employee Forest Service. (Another rumored choice is Lyle Laverty, a Colorado-based Forest Service veteran who served under the Bush Administration in the Interior Department. And there is speculation that the Trump Administration may retain Forest Service Chief Tom Tidwell, who served for most of the Obama Administration.)

The idea of Chief Cables excites Colorado’s recreation and ski industry officials as well as public land managers.

“I think he’s a perfect, perfect choice for that role,” said Luis Benitez, the head of the Colorado Outdoor Recreation Industry Office, citing Cable’s experience in both the private and public domains. “It is the logical conclusion for their search for a new chief.”…

Jim Bedwell, the retiring Forest Service’s Rocky Mountain Region director of recreation, lands, minerals and volunteers, said Cables would be the best choice as chief.

“He has the Forest Service in his blood,” said Bedwell, noting how Cable’s mother was a pioneer as one of the first female leaders in the agency. “His work with Colorado Parks and Wildlife and now Vail Resorts, it’s really rounded him out. His experience with Vail has brought him heightened awareness of how important that industry is and what it can deliver and our need to manage that appropriately for them to reach their potential.”

This is an interesting example of good industry (skiing), bad industry (imagine if the head of BLM had retired and gone to work in the oil and gas industry). As to “best” and “perfect”, reasonable people, including me, could disagree.

Happy Fourth of July, everyone!

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  1. An unnamed source who should know, and whom I trust, tells me that this is a random rumor promulgated by the press.


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