Blog Update- Virtual Book Club Delayed to September

DSCN0289 View in West Elk Wilderness, Colorado The little spots to the right are cattle.
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I went on vacation starting last Friday, a pack trip to the West Elk Wilderness. But forgot to post the note saying so, duh! Larry generously volunteered to keep things going while I was gone.

Other blog updates: We are ready to move to a new host that will give us more flexibility but we need to pick a theme because we can’t use the one we have; I’ll work on that starting next week.

Based on feedback, Virtual Book Club on Dan Botkin’s “The Moon and the Nautilus Shell” is being delayed until folks get back from vacationing and after Labor Day. So Book Club will start September 9. Please send me any posts or ideas you want to talk about with regard to the book, and/or bottles of white wine to create the appropriate ambience.

9 thoughts on “Blog Update- Virtual Book Club Delayed to September”

  1. Hi Sharon: What is the theme of this blog, and why can’t we use it with the new host? And I am assuming that all of the content of this blog (posts, comments, photos, etc.) will be transported to the new locations without being damaged or eliminated? The September 9 delay to discuss Dan’s book works good for me.

  2. It’s called INove (don’t ask me). I searched in several ways and couldn’t find it among the themes for the new site. If you (or anyone else) want to help with this, let me know. There are hundreds of choices and it seems a bit overwhelming, especially since I have no visual design skills. Yes, everything will move over and Eli has volunteered to do that.

    • I did some playing around with the appearance today. The tools for adjusting aren’t very good. It isn’t easy to change fonts and sizes. I think it is possible to find and edit the HTML code. (I’m not sure if I could do it) I did add a large background picture that fills high resolution screens but, it would be better if the image would be “stretch-to-fit”. If the page doesn’t load fast enough, I will look into ways of reducing file size, without reducing picture size.

    • Thanks, Larry! You’ve saved us all some trauma and frustration! I’m all for seasonal theme pictures. Fall is coming quickly; what are you using for this Summer? (Plus, until this came up, I have been using “thematic” in an entirely different way this lifetime. Bob

  3. How will switching over affect those of us who sort of come and go on this blog? Is there anything we need to do on our end? I love the VBC idea. Just wish I had more time to participate. Thanks.

    • Hi Mike: Shouldn’t be any problem at all — and you may notice an improved format in the process (hopefully, listing more than the 15 most recent comments would be one good result — and maybe even being able to search or consolidate past comments). Sharon or Larry can correct me if I’m wrong on this.


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