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colorado3 Note: This is only the top half of the Colorado poster.. I got an http error when I tried to upload the whole thing. Perhaps it was too large??

There was a helpful discussion below with Gil and his JOF citation on BMP’s in his comment here. I remembered the poster session at the Spokane SAF meeting which had posters from around the country about BMP’s.. hunting for it on the Internet, I found this on the SAF ForestEd website…

Water Resources and Best Management Practices

In forestry, Best Management Practices (BMPs) are techniques or methods used to meet certain goals. BMPs are often used to address water quality concerns during silvicultural activities.

In the sections below, you will find a compilation of peer-reviewed literature, reports, policy documents, and more about BMPs for water resources.
Table of Contents:

Section 1 – SAF Encyclopedia Entry
Section 2 – Forestry Source Articles
Section 3 – Literature
Section 4 – Convention 2012: Posters and Presentations
Section 5 – 2012 Forest Management And Watershed Health Technical Symposium
Section 6 – Policy: Clean Water Act and Forest Roads
Discussion Forum

There is a US map you can click on to find the poster from a specific state (cool!). Thanks to Carlin Starrs and everyone at SAF who got this info online!

2 thoughts on “BMPs and Posters on ForestEd Website”

  1. Thanks for posting this, Sharon. With BMPs in the news so much there days (especially with the continuing forest roads runoff (point vs. nonpoint source) case). I second your commendation of the folks at SAF who made this ForestEd site happen!

  2. BMP’s are often overlooked or ignored by Forest Service opponents as “protections”. Water Agencies have become more and more concerned about BMP’s in areas where their water comes from, and I support their concern. Back in 1997, I was tasked with doing multiple BMP monitoring and documentation on the Tahoe. My bosses weren’t exactly happy with what I found and what I wrote. I was not asked to return, the next year.


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