hey Veterans, happy Vets day to y’all

I don’t usually make a deal of it, but thought I’d send out the wish.  I spent most of my four active duty years cruising around the Atlantic and Mediterranean on a carrier, so no real hardships for me, and it paid my college tuition afterwards,  but lots of other folks from the Nam years and more recent wars paid some heavy dues. My late Dad jumped at D-Day with the 101st, something I can’t really imagine.  So I raise my coffee cup to all of you vets, whether still with us or moved on, best wishes,  -Guy

3 thoughts on “hey Veterans, happy Vets day to y’all”

  1. Guy,
    Yours is a very interesting parallel to my experience. I was stationed on the destroyer tender (USS Yosemite AD-19) which included a Mediterranean tour. I was then re-stationed to a shoreside hospital and on a surgical team rotation to Nam just as my tour was up. My dad was an air traffic controller on USS Independence during the Cuban Missile Crisis. My college education was also funded in part by the GI Bill.

    • USS Independence was my ship! CV-62. Small world. My younger brother was a corpsman, later a surgical nurse, attached to a Jarhead battalion (good duty, the Marines don’t care for most sailors, except for corpsmen, who they pretty much place on a pedestal)


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