Examples of Broken Links

One of our problems to be addressed on the blog was that if a post referred to “ncfp.wordpress.com” it didn’t automatically change to “forestpolicypub.com”. I know examples are out there, but I couldn’t find one through a couple of searches. Does anyone have examples I could point to when trying to get them fixed? Thanks!

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  1. Hello Sharon: What I’ve noticed is that every single document/media that was uploaded to the NCFP site (which generated a NCFP link) prior to Sept 2013 doesn’t work any more. So it’s actually not a broken link here and there, but it’s about 3 year’s worth of broken links. One could go back to any article written prior to Sept 2013 and likely provide hundreds of examples of broken links, but these are some examples.

    Note that all these broken links were contained within main blog posts, and those main blog posts actually switched from the NCFP address to the new ForestPolicyPub address, but the links clearly have not. Unfortunately, I have a hunch nothing can be done about it at this point, which is a real shame, since it greatly reduces the effectiveness and usefulness of the first 3 years of this blog and its archives. Thanks so much for looking into it.




  2. Thanks so much Matthew! I looked at a lot of old posts but couldn’t find any with links back to the blog. This will help a lot. Thanks again!


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