Great American Outdoor Act Passes Senate.. Forest Service Gets 15%

We’ve discussed this bill before, and I think it’s great news for a variety of reasons. Congress worked together through all the Congressy give-and-take to get something important to the country passed.  The effort was co-led by Senators Manchin of West Virginia and Senator Gardner of Colorado. Any bill is complicated, and I’m not sure I got all the relevant pieces, but I did pick out this part of potential interest.  I wonder how they arrived at the percentages for each agency…was it based on their deferred maintenance calculations or ????

4 thoughts on “Great American Outdoor Act Passes Senate.. Forest Service Gets 15%”

  1. Am I misreading that LWCF cannot be used for Land Acquisition? That to me is a primary purposed with the USFS and other agencies: to acquire land that may be used for developments that would be contrary to the land use plans of the agency.

      • From the summary of the bill: “This bill establishes the National Parks and Public Land Legacy Restoration Fund to support deferred maintenance projects on federal lands.” That is the “Fund” this section is referring to. Then, “Additionally, the bill makes funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) permanent.”

        (I’m curious what motivated them to exclude “bonuses for employees of the Federal Government that are carrying out this section.”)

        • I didn’t mean to make that typeface larger, but didn’t take the time to fix it. Wish we knew someone we could ask…


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