Was John Karpinski a Visionary?


When I recently posted a discussion about lodgepole pine ecology in this blog, Matthew seemed far more interested in the snippet of the September 3, 1994 Therese Novak newspaper article than in anything Bob Berwyn, the foresters and forest scientists, or I might have to say about the topic. I offered to send him the complete article, due to his interest, and will try and do so here, if I can learn to use links with these posts.

The attached article was also published in the September 3, 1994 Salem, Oregon Statesman-Journal, in conjunction with Novak’s article. “John” claims that only 1% of timber sales are litigated. This article sets a different course. Most timber sales aren’t even contemplated anymore because of the successful strategy described by Karpinski, above. Sometimes we quibble about word definitions in this blog. I would describe Karpinski’s threat as “obstructionist,” and remind everyone that lawyers on both sides of the table get paid, whether loggers or sawmill workers, or firefighters, or field foresters, or tree planters are paid or not. So it would also be “self-serving,” in that regard ($$).

Now if I can make a link in this thing, I’ll get the article to Matt: